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[Sticky] What do YOU want? Introduce yourself here!  


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13/03/2020 12:12 am  

Hi Everyone

This is Nely from emailexpert.com

Who am I: Many of you already know me as the Director of emailexpert UK Ltd or the organiser of Inbox Expo. If not here I am!

Interesting Fact: I speak English, Russian, Turkish Spanish and German so feel free to reach out in whatever language you prefer!

What I want from Inbox Expo: Im here to try and ensure you get the most from your experience as a delegate at Inbox Expo, so any questions just fire away.

If I could ask you all to do one thing, it would be to reply here and introduce yourself. Tell us one interesting fact and what you want to get out of Inbox Expo. This will really help us try and tailor the experience.


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