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Industry Leaders Panel: The Blocklists 😱  


Andrew Bonar
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17/03/2020 1:30 am  

Whilst the name of their organisations and lists fill many marketers with fear these individuals are heroes in the email space and their work and the blocklists ensures email marketers can do their job. Without them can you imagine the state of the inbox?

Simon Forster the Director of Spamhaus, Raymond Dijkxhoorn from SURBL, Rob McEwen founder invaluement, renowned cybersecurity specialist and spam analyst Atro Tossavainen are the members of the panel.

What do the blocklists do, how and why do they operate, they are not just secretive groups of anonymous individuals, Learn more about their story, organisation and the services they provide organisations like yours. 


This panel is currently being finalised and we want you to put forward your questions. Your suggestions. If you could ask Spamhaus anything what would it be?

You may find your question put forward to the panel.


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