Over the past 13 years, I’ve spent my working hours sending emails and helping customers send their emails to recipients all over the world. Regardless of whether the message being sent was a highly valued transactional email from one of the top brands in the world, or an affiliate marketing “newsletter” sent to a purchased list, when it comes to deliverability, one fact has consistently been true: proactivity is key to success!

Setting yourself up for failure by focusing on the wrong KPIs, not following email best practices, or not keeping a close eye on your results can mean you’re stuck dealing with a deliverability issue at the point when the house is already on fire. Red alert! Red alert! This reactive approach can lead to delays in issue resolution, massive impacts on ROI, and a really deep hole to dig yourself out of at the 25th hour.

Join me for a discussion about which best practices must be a part of your email program in order to achieve consistent inbox placement and help your future self solve deliverability issues by preventing them from even happening through a proactive approach.

Key takeaways

1. An understanding of how ISP and Mailbox providers define engagement, and which email metrics you should be monitoring to identify and troubleshoot deliverability issues early, before the house is burning down

2. KPIs to change your mentality from reactive to proactive, and actionable recommendations for improving list collection, targeting and re-engagement strategies to match your new approach

3. Insights to help you create a compelling argument for your executive team to implement a proactive approach in your email program

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