We’re all great at tactics. Many times, in meetings, when a challenge is prevented, we instantly go to what we need to do. What systems will need to be coordinated and what levers we can pull. Yet, in these situations and more, we need to stop and step back and think about the strategy.

As marketers, we need to start with the “why” and not the “how”. This essential step asks the question of why does the recipient care? What is the strategy of sending a message, implementing a program or beginning a campaign? We need to ensure we know what problem we’re solving and why that’s the right one. If we figure that out, the questions and speedbumps along the way are reduced or eliminated because you have a goal and strategy to work toward!

Join Ryan Phelan as he walks through how to develop that crucial step in your marketing plan and how it will pay off for you and your team!

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