Accessibility in Email

According to Litmus, 77% of marketers say email accessibility is a priority for their brand, but only 8% follow accessibility best practices. Our goal with this workshop is to help attendees understand:
– Why does email accessibility matter?
– The copywriting, design, and coding aspects of accessibility
– What tools to use to be able to make your emails more accessible

You will end up leaving the workshop energized and ready to make a paradigm shift be prepared with clear reasoning why your company and/or clients should care and a thorough checklist with all the important aspects of email accessibility.

Email for All

In this first email summit celebrating diversity and accessibility, Paul, in his opening keynote, will tell how making email for all became his passion, right from the very start of his email career, and how this, eventually, led to his work on, and the advocation of, accessibility in email. He’ll outline what he means by making email for all, why we need to make email for all, and how we can go about making email for all.