Proactivity for the (deliverability) Win!

Over the past 13 years, I’ve spent my working hours sending emails and helping customers send their emails to recipients all over the world. Regardless of whether the message being sent was a highly valued transactional email from one of the top brands in the world, or an affiliate marketing “newsletter” sent to a purchased list, when it comes to deliverability, one fact has consistently been true: proactivity is key to success!

Spamtraps: A Marketer’s Nightmare

What makes email service providers groan and marketers panic? Spamtraps! But perhaps they aren’t all bad news…

Join FreshAddress President Austin Bliss to hear an overview of the incredible power of these innocent-looking email addresses. You’ll learn what spamtraps are, what they look like, why they exist, and how they may have ended up in your email list. In the end, you’ll understand the value of these addresses to the email marketing ecosystem and how might even benefit you!

How to Build Trust in Your Email Marketing with BIMI

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is a new and completely free way for brands to build trust in their email marketing. BIMI proves brand authenticity by featuring a logo integrated into every email and displayed in the receiver’s inbox. This security feature also provides a novel opportunity to build brand visibility. Launched in Mar 2018, BIMI is expected to become a new standard in authentication. Florian Vierke will outline how to implement BIMI, the obstacles to be overcome, the technical requirements, and the outcomes to be expected.

Gmail Reputation Landscape

A look at the Gmail reputation landscape. The cause of significant concern for many consumer and b2b email marketers. Tonya takes a look at the metrics that matter and discusses the mitigation of issues surrounding reputation warmup for large scale email senders to Gmail.

WHOIS ARIN – DNS entries and how to be a professional eCreep

A walk through of my process of gathering information about the email infrastructure a company is using based on their DNS records. As a freelance consultant, this was my prime tactic of knowing waaay too much about a prospect’s infrastructure. It also let me more accurately assess the probable risks involved with the engagement.

Email engagement! But is it? Really?

The core metrics for engagement used by marketers are open rates and click rates, but can you really trust these metrics? Welcome to the world of growing number of Non-human interactions with email. The current metrics are becoming less and less accurate and a we need to take a step back and take a good look at what engagement is.

Real ESPs vs the Great Pretenders

Drag and drop campaign editors, machine learning for product recommendations, complex integrations and advanced automations – there are many shiny features which differentiate email service providers. But what about the core functionality of actually getting emails delivered to the mailbox providers? What are the differences between ESPs who operate their own sending infrastructure and those who send using a third party – and, more importantly, is one better than the other? With over 8 years’ experience in delivery engineering, Tamara Bond (Delivery Operations Manager for dotdigital) discusses her hot take.