Global Email Trends Report 2020

In this webinar, we will be unveiling “GLOBAL EMAIL TRENDS REPORT 2020” content and insights so valuable they are being featured as a keynote presentation at the 2020 Inbox Expo. It is going to be a session full of rich insights researched by our team of experts and studies from independent research firms. We have built this report to help you achieve your email marketing & performance goal of 2020

Humanization is the New Personalization

Relevance is the key to engagement, but brands that really stand out are taking their personalization game to an entirely new level. The hot new trend in marketing strategy? Good, old-fashioned respect and kindness.

Marketing from the heart has become a central tenant of digital marketing strategies. Does your email marketing pass muster? In this session, Jen Capstraw will:

Explain how dignity and morality have become central to driving customer engagement
Showcase exceptional examples of empathy in action
Identify common tactics and tricks that are past their prime and ready for retirement

Ethical email marketing – improving customer experience

Automation is here, AI is here, we have more tools than ever to send truly personalised email marketing. We can analyse and get to know our customers better than ever….it is getting creepy. Let’s take a step back in this session and look at how much of this makes the experience better for the customer. Let’s review how we can create ethical email marketing campaigns and what they need to look like. By doing so, in the long run, we gain reputation, the trust of our customers and in turn revenue. Join Jenna’s session to find out more featuring many tips and examples.

5 reasons to develop buyer persona for marketing automation

Email marketing has become an extremely powerful tool when it comes to nurturing leads, promoting consistent engagement, building customer relationships and driving lead conversions. To achieve desirable results, a brand needs to have a well thought out strategy. Failing to do so will lead to its email marketing efforts slipping through the cracks and getting lost in the sea of unread emails. This is why it is extremely important to define buyer’s persona.

Tactics are killing us! Get your strategy straight!

We’re all great at tactics. Many times, in meetings, when a challenge is prevented, we instantly go to what we need to do. What systems will need to be coordinated and what levers we can pull. Yet, in these situations and more, we need to stop and step back and think about the strategy.

Friction: Enemy #1

Companies like Amazon are building increasingly frictionless shopping experience – and B2C companies that don’t keep up are going to be left behind. Fortunately, in a data-rich industry like email, opportunities to reduce friction exist in abundance. I will walk you through some of the most impactful strategies – from inbox experiences to machine learning – to reduce friction throughout the entire sales funnel.

How to Increase Engagement by 29%

In this session, email marketing veteran Shmuel Herschberg will explore some simple hacks and split tests you can implement right away. The speaker will share personal success stories that he has tried and tested with his clients to achieve the best results, and reveal secrets that have helped him improve engagement by 29%.

Join us as you will learn key insights and get actionable takeaways to maximize your email marketing efforts. A session you do not want to miss!