Customer Driven Optimization

Stop guessing what to test and learn how your customers can tell you what to test. This moves testing from blind functional testing to truly optimizing what’s important to customers – where bigger gains are made. I’ll show you how with a real success story to illustrate.

A digitally fractured user journey costs you email ROI

There are so many digital messages being sent by companies to their customers and while marketing messages adhere to brand voice and digital identity, there are a host of other communications that are most often forgotten when it comes to the customer experience. These messages are usually automated and transactional in nature and mostly managed by operational teams. The vastly different approaches to customer communications can fracture a customer’s digital experience with your brand. However, when done correctly, operational messages can complement brand initiatives and drive engagement from customers.
In this session you’ll learn how to align all your customer communications to ensure a great CX.

Putting the Customer at the Heart of Everything..

Since the first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Thomlinson, as marketers our world has changed enormously. From batch and blast to a more personalised, one-to-one experience, what our subscribers want and DEMAND from us is getting more sophisticated.

Measurement Myopia is Eroding Email’s Potential

It’s no secret among email geeks that email dominates when it comes to driving a powerful return on investment. Are we limiting its potential, though, by viewing success through a narrow lens? April Mullen of SparkPost will share thought-provoking ideas on how we can better tell the email success story.

How Customer Insights & Analytics Will Improve Your Marketing Results

Over half of marketers say their companies base at least half of their regular business decisions on gut feel or experience rather than data and information. But this trend is changing rapidly – brands are looking to spend much more on analytics in the next three years. In order to provide relevant and highly personalised marketing, companies need to concentrate on insight-led customer engagement.