I. Customer loyalty programs and marketing have, by far, the highest engagement for brands.
– You know what they’re purchased, what they like, how to speak to them, etc.
– This key data gained over time with a customer helps them stay loyal to your brand as you market to them with the right, relevant messaging.

II. Early audiences/almost-customers get the short end of the stick
– Less personalization, off-the-mark marketing
– Less likely to become customers if they don’t feel personally marketed to.

III. Use data to make a great first impression for those early audiences/almost-customers
– Effective, impactful data can help create engaging messaging across platforms, even before they make a purchase.
– Improves ROI and future marketing decisions.– Engage in loyalty-like marketing for your newest customers.

IV. Advanced tip: Unresponsive emails?
– Just because people aren’t opening YOUR emails doesn’t mean they aren’t opening any at all.
– After improving your email campaigns, try to re-engage “”inactive”” users.

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